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Organic Tur Dal-4 Lbs

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Organic Tur Dal-4 Lbs

One of India's favourite dals, Tur or Arhar Dal is an important source of protein, dietary fibre and minerals. Beneficial for those with cardio-vascular diseases and type 2 diabetes, Tur Dal is a staple in India kitchens. It’s delicious aroma, earthly taste and quick cooking nature let’s you savour the goodness of protein without any artificial polishing. This staple Indian dal is used to make vegetarian recipes like tadka dal, sambhar and khichdi. Tempered with Indian spice and ghee, the dal is a delight to eat with both chapati and rice. One of the country’s most widely consumed pulse crops, this Tur dal is a medium-sized, without polish organic source of protein with an approximate shelf life of 365 days.

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